*Isn’t it something to laugh about when people talk about the things they hate or dislike, but continue to indulge in them in a guilty pleasure kind of way? Well, that’s just how Sherri Shepherd is turning out to be.

She’s an avid hater of “Basketball Wives” but continues to tune in and tweet about her dislike of the show and of course it’s L.A. spin-off.

On its premiere night, co-stars Malaysia Pargo and Laura Govan went at it in a serious way. Nothin’ but weave hair and manicured fists went flying.

Sherri watched the whole thing and shared with her Twitter followers how “disgraceful” it was.

“I got physically ill watching Gloria Govan and Malaysia fighting like animals. Resolution via fighting?” she tweeted, confusing Gloria with her sister and co-star Laura.

Oh and she pulled God into it all: “For what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?” she quoted.

Her main gripe with the show is its negative example it sets for young women.

“How do Uteach young girl 2 have respect & self-esteem, by showing her thru UR actions that you’ll pop someone in the mouth?” she asked.

But she’s not the only one with an eye on the show. Rickey Smiley, radio host and comedian, shared his sentiments about it after Tami layed hands on Meeka Claxton.

“Did yall know that bullying is a serious problem in our schools??? And teens love that show!!,” he tweeted. “And you wonder why our young ladies in middle and high school think this is how to resolve issues, yea I made jokes as a comic. But notfunny.”

Since the apparent outrage, producer Shaunie O’Neal, vowed to do better with the programming.