*It looks like the scrapping case between Teyana Taylor and “Gang of Roses” director Jean Claude LaMarre is not over.

The director, who has accused Taylor of viciously attacking him, is pressing charges against the actress.

According to LaMarre, the confrontation not only resulted in a physical debacle, but also he said the actress “came at him like a spider monkey.” He said in a written statement:

“Teyana Taylor has a history of violence. And after discussing it with my family, I decided to file the charges. We have statements from over twenty crew members who witnessed her charge and violently attacked me. I was going to leave it all alone because at the end of the day she’s only 20 years old, but the truth is this young lady has a real anger problem that needs to be dealt with. I had no choice but to file charges.”

In his description of the day’s events, LaMarre (below) said after he directed Taylor to leave the set due to her complaining about tooth pain, she refused to and attacked him.

“She began to kick camera equipment and destroy property on set,” Jean Claude claims. “In her fit of rage, she then walked to my car and kicked my vehicle door and dented it. There were tons of eyewitnesses on set.”

Taylor doesn’t deny the fight, but claims that it was all in the name of her defense. According to her, he smacked her across the face. As a result, the actress returned the blow with a few of her own.