*If you are a germaphobe “Contagion” is not the movie for you. This film will disturb even the person with the strongest constitution. It goes without saying that director Steven Soderbergh is still stepping up to the plate and bringing it.

“Contagion,” about a viral pandemic, tapped the talent of some of Hollywood’s most gifted performers, which included Laurence Fishburne and Matt Damon.

Right off the bat, Fisburne was attracted to the project, and for obvious reasons.

“I was kind of blown away about how smart it was because a lot of what is being made now is kind of stupid,” he said. “So I was really, really very honored to be asked to be a part of it because its really, really a smart movie.”

Damon then explained how he came aboard.

“Steven [Soderbergh] sent me a note and said to wash my hands after reading it. Yeah, I had a similar reaction to Laurence. I just felt I really want to be in this movie. It’s a terrific, riveting, really fast read. It’s an exciting and really horrifying situation that man can be subjected to.”

With the language so on point in “Contagion,” Fishburne found himself very comfortable mouthing the words of the script and admitted one of the reasons he left “CSI” was because of the shortcomings in the technicalities in the dialogue department. Make no mistake, Soderbergh and his team got it right.

By Marie Moore