*Oh, look who’s a naughty lady.

Sherri Shepherd confessed to not wearing any panties at her Chicago wedding last month. She was more than ready to get down with the get down.

But on the premiere of this season’s “The View,” she blamed it on her good friend, Niecy Nash for giving her the idea.

“One of my bridesmaids, I think it was Niecy Nash, said, ‘Don’t wear any underwear’. They knew me and Sal had been celibate for 11 months, so [she wanted me to do] anything [I could] do to get him turned back on,” Shepherd recalled.

But she had a bit of a snag. Since her wedding was filmed, she had to wear a mic pack and the crew didn’t know what they were in for when they attempted to lift her dress.

“They were lifting my dress and I was screaming, ‘No, I have no panties on!’ And one bridesmaid thought I kept screaming, ‘My pancreas! My pancreas!'”

During the ceremony, the pack kept sliding down, forcing her bridesmaids to rescue her.

But good moments were definitely captured.

The talk show host shared her photos and stories of the wedding day.