Joe McGinniss

*Author Joe McGinnis promoted his controversial new Sarah Palin biography “The Rogue” in a segment on NBC’s “Today” this morning.

The piece pointed out that McGinniss, although a longtime respected writer, rented a house next door to the Palin’s Wasilla, Alaska home while writing the book, which raised the ire of Palin and her family.

McGinniss does not shy away from the conflicting relationship he had with the Palins in presenting his “side” of the story, and drops a number of bombs throughout the book, due Sept. 20. Some of the most controversial topics include Sarah Palin’s alleged unpopularity among her closest acquaintances and reported cocaine use by both Palin and husband Todd.

Former NBA basketball player Glenn Rice reportedly confirms an included story of an romantic affair that he had with an unmarried Sarah Heath, who was reporting on Great Alaskan Shootout, a college basketball tournament covered by Palin while she was a local sports anchor.

Watch the segment below.

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