*The Bleacher Report says chris Bosh went on ESPN’s “First Take” show to challenge Skip Bayless, who they refer too as “Douchebag.”

But the key issue is why Bosh would want to go on the show in the first place. It wasn’t exactly a look for him.

Chris Bosh: “My only problem is the whole misuse of the name. If I stink it up on the court … I love jokes … my family takes a lot of pride in our name. My ancestors … we’re very prideful with the Bosh name. I don’t like it being made fun of. I don’t think they appreciate it, either.”

Skip Bayless: “I have no regrets with referring to you occasionally … as Bosh Spice … I thought your performance with the Heat … warranted an occasional use of that nickname … I thought you were soft and passive and unaggressive … you could shut me up at any time by simply performing.”

Really? Check out more in the clip below: