*Since activist Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show “Politics Nation” debuted with a punctuated address regarding states’ rights, BreitbartTV has been in a tizzy, crying racism. They say his thoughts about segregation, when it comes to the issue of states’ rights, are out of line.

BreitbartTV and other conservative websites has decided to enlist a campaign of mockery against Sharpton since it was announced the radio host and long time civil rights leader was replacing the network’s Cenk Uygur.

As Mediaite points out, BreitbartTV has consistently mocked Sharpton’s delivery, and mockingly compared him to NBC News anchors over the years.

In this case, they hit all of the familiar themes about the Rev. in introducing their clip:

Using his now familiar bumbling, bewildering and bombastic delivery, Al Sharpton premiered his brand new show on MSNBC, “Politics Nation” with an attack on the GOP presidential candidates saying they want to bring the country back to pre-1960’s segregationist times. He also promised that this was what his show was going to be about.

Considering Mr. Sharpton’s entire career up to this point has been defined by making loud accusations of racism through a bullhorn, we should not be surprised that this will be the content of his NBC News program. Lean Forward, indeed.

Sharpton did premiere his show with his signature in-your-face style, attacking the current crop of GOP candidates, accusing them of wanting to bring America back to the 1960s.

He says they would like to see the US return to a near slave nation and that conservatives have been getting away with too much over the years.

Check out Sharpton and judge for yourself: