*After the thug-like rapper, Warren G landed an endorsement deal with male enhancement drug, Affirm XL, folk were questioning him in a very serious way. What was he thinking?

So he finally addressed the ad campaign, explaining it was just a gig.

“A dude that lived by me was like, ‘Warren, I want you to get in this commercial,'” Warren tells The BoomBox. “He was like, ‘I’ll bring you in as a partner.’ He showed me the number that like [male enhancement drugs] Extenze make and I was like, ‘S—, I wanna get paid like that!’ So I said I might as well do a couple commercials just to build it up even more because the more it sells, the more I’ma make. I don’t need it, but I tried it and it works.”

But he said it was a bit much for him, especially in his young age.

“The thing about it is, me being so young, it happens naturally,” he shares. “But when you take that, it’s hard to [bring it back down].”

If you missed it, here it is: