*There’s nothing like family that keeps it real.

Lil Wayne is not one to hold his tongue about any topic, including his cohort, Nicki Minaj.

Although the femcee will be rocking the crowd at Super Bowl XLVI next year with Madonna, Weezy says she’s not quite reached her peak.

“I’m not satisfied with anything she’s done,” he told Vibe magazine in a recent interview.

Although the artist has a long resume of very reputable collaborations and a platinum record on her hands, it seems like her big brother in the industry expects more from her and sees her potential.

“I believe she can do a whole lot more, and I believe she will do a whole lot more,” explained Weezy. “It’s not shocking, and it’s not surprising. It’s quite fitting. But other than that, it’s nowhere near the end.”

She surly has much more room and time to grow as an artist. She’s just one album in and she’s already one of the most popular and most talked about women in the industry.