*Police are searching for the gunmen responsible for shooting into a crowd of people that was recording a music video in a parking lot in Oakland, CA. Over 50 shots were fired. Seven were wounded, including a toddler who was shot in the head.

The heart-wrenching event took place at on Monday night outside of State Market Liquors on the west side of the city.

The scene was a mess; bullet riddled vehicles and shattered glass blighted the parking lot.

According to the Associated Press, the store’s co-owner, Salah Abdullah, who was inside the business when the shooting occurred, said about 15 people were gathered outside, using small cameras to record the music video. Some of them were posing with liquor bottles outside the store entrance when gunfire erupted, sending Abdullah ducking for cover.

“Everybody was scared,” Abdullah said, estimating that he heard about 50 shots. “There was yelling and screaming from inside and outside the store.”

Store surveillance captured at least three people wearing hooded sweatshirts firing around the corner of the store.

A van belonging to local rapper Kafani (pictured below) was in the lot at the time of the shooting. But he denied being on site at the time and even denied the vehicle belongs to him.

It turns out that the 1 year old injured at the scene is the rapper’s cousin. The boy is in a coma.

“Right now now lil cuz in coma but both sides of brain seems to be functioning right now pray pls,” he posted on Twitter.

Police do not think Kafani has any significance in the case.