Alveda King

*(Via Redding News Review) – Alveda King is standing by comments saying that the Rev. Jesse Jackson is “inciting people” within the Occupy movement to violence and claim that he does not properly tout the nonviolent image of Martin Luther King Jr.

In a wide-ranging interview with Redding News Review’s radio broadcast, King says that Jackson’s protest at an Atlanta bank last week was an invitation to violence. She says Jackson risked violence because he did not hand out a MLK-esque “10 commandment covenant” of nonviolence to Occupy Atlanta participants and he did not lead them in prayer before entering the bank.

Jackson and now Rev. Al Sharpton have been supportive of the Occupy movement’s message of correcting economic injustice.

In fresh comments, the niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King slammed both men for supporting the Occupy movement and equating Occupy’s fight to MLK.

“In that agenda, the jobs were included but that was not the top objective of Martin Luther King Jr.,” she said. “The difference is, the exact focus of Martin Luther King Jr., which was Bible-based, prayer-based, God-based, beloved community-based, and that is the piece that is missing in what Rev. Jackson is doing, what Rev. Sharpton, what they are doing, they are trying to obtain the objective without following the model and pattern that Martin Luther King Jr. followed.”

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Jesse Jackson at Occupy Atlanta