Actress Hannah Simone speaks onstage at "New Girl" panel during the FOX portion of the 2011 Summer TCA Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 5, 2011 in Beverly Hills

*Is she black? White? Latina? Middle Eastern?

Hannah Simone of Fox’s breakkout comedy “New Girl” says questions about her ethnicity have been abundant throughout her career – dating back to her days as a VJ for Canada’s MuchMusic channel.

As Cece, the fashion model best friend of “adorkable” Jess (Zooey Deschanel), her race came up for the first time during last week’s episode — five shows into the premiere season.  On the series and in real life, Simone is considered Indian.

But for the record, her father is Indian and her mother is half German-Italian and half Greek-Cypriot. She spent her early childhood in Calgary, Alberta, but has lived since the age of 7 in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, India and England.

In the exclusive audio below, Simone explains how being multicultural has been the greatest gift.

New Girl’s Hannah Simone on her nomadic upbringing by CherieNic

In tonight’s episode, titled “Thanksgiving,” Jess invites a music teacher at her school (played by guest star Justin Long), on whom she’s always had a crush, to the gang’s big Thanksgiving dinner at the loft, which of course goes horribly wrong.

In the video below, Hannah takes fans along on her recent Canadian press tour for “New Girl,” which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.