*The time for pastors and churches to give lessons on financial stewardship based on biblical principles has never been more critical, say Christian leaders, reports the Christian Post.

Saddleback Church’s Pastor Rick Warren, who has devoted most Sunday sermons this fall on the subject of money as talked about in the Gospel, kicked off his financial series by stressing the severity of the nation’s problem.

“We are now three years into a major recession. There are more people out of work right now than ever in our lifetime. There are more people underneath the poverty line than ever in America. More people are classified as legitimately poor than ever before. There are more people that own a home that is upside down, another words they owe more on it than its worth, than ever before,” he said.

Warren said that like most of the nation, his congregation reflects an 11 percent unemployment rate. During his introduction to his sermon series, he also said that the Bible is the best place to go for financial advice.

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