*Unfortunately we have bad news for fans of legendary boxer Joe Frazier.

According to published reports, the 67 year-old ex-heavyweight boxing champ is dying of liver cancer. He is in a Philadelphia hospice living out his final days after the cancer was discovered just 4 weeks ago

“Joe Frazier is a giant among men,” promoter Don King – who promoted Frazier’s 1975, world famous Thrilla in Manilla” fight with Muhammad Ali – told the NY Daily News. “He was a great gladiator and a great fighter. When Smokin’ Joe came to the ring you knew you had someone who was coming to fight. He edified himself and qualified himself as a champion among champions in his fights with Ali. My prayers are with him.'”

King learned of Frazier’s grave condition on Saturday morning and planned on honoring him before a cruiserweight title match between Guillermo Jones and Mike Marrone in Hollywood, Fla., that he was promoting on Saturday night.

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