Jo Boy Fresh

Florida native, Jo Boy Fresh has moved to the DC area and is making his name known as an up incoming rapper, writer and producer. Initially not interested in the music industry, he was introduced to Ben Durdy of Durdy Boi Management that got him hooked into the rap game.

Jo Boy Fresh has taken his new found career and has studied various albums by his music influences, Scarface, Ball Greezy, Geto Boys and Trick Daddy. But not just for music, Jo Boy Fresh also looks up to Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Kanye West for not only their musical attributes, but the fact that these are men who have solidified a brand. “I don’t want to be a waste of talent….period!” “Everyone wants to be something great, but not everyone is striving to be something great,” he said.

Jo Boy Fresh wants to bring a Southern influence style in his music and to try to keep things as simple as possible. He expressed it as feel good music that people can relate to. While his current mixtape, ‘305% Made in Dade’ featuring Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Pimp C surfaces the South, he wants to showcase his variety of musical styles and versatility both as a rapper and writer. His tactic to bring the old school combined with the new school has given Jo Boy Fresh the perspective of a rapper who is a risk taker in music.

Not only is he pursuing a career in music, but he is pursuing a degree that in fact he is in school right now. “My life right now is pretty cool. I try not to overwhelm myself, I’m only human and I only do what’s in my ability to do,” he said.

An individual who is willing to put his best effort into his music is what Jo Boy Fresh expresses himself to be. He is motivated to go further with his mixtape to create an innovative rap CD that will coagulate his place among the industry’s elite. ‘305% Made In Dade’ is clearly on the path to takes his listeners to places that yet to be determined and build on the legacy he’s rapidly establishing for himself as an rapper, writer and producer.

Checkout the video for Jo Boy Fresh single, “Do You See Me Like?” below: