*Michael Jackson’s personal doctor Conrad Murray, currently on trial for administering the fatal dose of propofol that killed his famous patient, is pitching a TV documentary about his final moments with the King of Pop.

As the high-profile case enters closing arguments on Thursday, Murray is negotiating to cash in on his side of the story by selling the documentary to a major TV network once a verdict has been reached, reports the New York Post.

According to the paper, Murray has been filming interviews for the project throughout the trial and the documentary will come as a package deal, with the winning network also receiving the first post-trial interview with Murray.

A source tells the Post: “A news division that pays for the documentary will end up with a side deal of getting the sit-down with Conrad. It’s crafted in such a way for a news division that doesn’t pay for interviews… They have already filmed a long interview in case he’s taken into custody.”

A rep for CNN confirms such a project is in the works, but the network has “passed on it.”