David Tutera

*He’s back!

Celebrity event planner David Tutera returns for the fifth season on WE Television with another fun packed, exciting  season of “My Fair Wedding,” which promises to capture all the drama, suspense, tears and joy as Tutera works to make each bride’s dream come true.

“I am overwhelmed and delighted to be launching Season 5 of My Fair Wedding,” said Tutera.  “I want to thank the entire team of WE TV and the president of WE, Kim Martin.   Thank you, Kim, and my staff who take my crazy visions and make them happen. They unselfishly lend their talent, time and creativity to make my dreams come true—and, of course, I want to thank the fans.”

“The show is like fine wine—it just gets better and better every single season,” said Martin. “We have 18 brand new episodes, and this season promises to be the best ever.”

A sneak preview of the first episode of “My Fair Wedding” is a tearjerker, as Tutera travels to Topeka, Kansas to fulfill the request from 17-year-old cancer survivor Ryan Pekuski. Pekuski tells Tutera that for two years, his mother, Wendy Nettingham, placed her wedding on hold so that she could support him during his cancer ordeal.

“I want David to give my mom the dream wedding she always wanted,” said Ryan, whose cancer is now in remission.

Tutera surprises Ryan’s mother, Nettingham, with the news that she will receive a dream wedding, and the mother is overwhelmed and grateful.

And Tutera, who partners with the Make a Wish Foundation to make Ryan’s dream come true, takes on the monumental task—which he must complete in 6 days.

Assisting him are dozens of Make a Wish Foundation volunteers who waste no time tackling the monumental task.

It’s an exciting episode as Tutera and his expert team tackle everything from choosing the gowns and wedding dress; finding the location for the wedding, bringing to reality the bride’s vision (she wanted cherry blossoms and a natural, organic theme) helping with hair and makeup, and finding a caterer.

It is not all smooth sailing, however.  When Wendy’s  fiancé tries on a brown tuxedo, he jokes, “This shade reminds me of the UPS truck driver.”

But the wedding turns out to be wonderful as Wendy gushes, “I feel like I’m walking on air.”

And that’s not all—Tutera finishes with a flourish as he tops the emotional ceremony by producing a marching band and fireworks.

And more is in store this season as Tutera travels the country granting fairytale–and sometimes outlandish–wedding requests.

“I absolutely love what I do,” said Tutera.  “My motto is, ‘Always dream bigger.’

Tune in to “My Fair Wedding” on WE Television on Sunday, November 13.