*(Via LA Times) – In the film “This Is It,” the late Michael Jackson is shown as agile and energetic as ever, on the cusp of possibly the greatest comeback in music history.

“We’re all here because of him,” director  Kenny Ortega said in the documentary, between images of Jackson lithely floating across the stage and giving commands about how the show is to be run. “May that continue, with him leading the way.”

But a starkly different portrait of Jackson emerged in the six-week criminal trial that ended this month, showing a national audience glimpses of a troubled artist beset by insomnia and anxiety, a series of missed rehearsals and a director mulling the possibility of “pulling the plug.”

The courtroom drama, the final note of which will be sounded with Dr. Conrad Murray‘s sentencing, today,  Tuesday, cast a new light on a question that was peripheral to the criminal case but will be a key part of how the last chapter of Jackson’s story is written. Would his comeback attempt have landed him squarely back in the spotlight after a decade-long absence from the stage and years marred by criminal allegations? Or would he have faltered, possibly losing every last asset to his name and failing to become relevant once more?

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