*Oh yes, just what all the guys have been waiting for.

After hearing about the naughty adventures and rumors of  “Basketball Wives: LA” star, Draya Michele, her sex tapes may be emerging from the ashes of her dark, raunchy past.

I just wanna pre apologize to my family, my son, my friends, and my supporters. We live in a cruel [world],” she tweeted.

Now, Draya didn’t refer to the video as a ‘sex tape,’ but whatever the footage shows, Draya felt the need to call for prayers.

I just ask that you pray for the well being of me and my family,” she said.

It’s not enough that she’s taking a lot of heat on the show for what she used to do, but now all of her nasty business is going to be out there while she says she’s trying to clean up said raunchy image. Yikes!

And it turns out she knows who’s putting the videos out and she thinks she knows why.

I always assumed it was love that drove certain individuals crazy…. Come to find out it was MONEY,” she tweeted.

Good luck girl because this one looks like it might not be easy to fix.

Check out the tweets below: