*Los Angeles – Outskirts Press releases Rescue at Pine Ridge, a fictionalized historical novel by Erich Hicks, based on true events depicting the history of the United States, Buffalo Soldiers 9th Calvary. These soldiers helped settle the American West in the late 1800s. The story follows the soldiers as they move from unspoken heroes to revered cavalry units.

Sample audio excerpt of the book are now available on the website. Rescue at Pine Ridge depicts the true gallantry and spirit of these men in the United States Army. These volunteer soldiers endured extreme hardships in their everyday lives, not only from the environment, weather, military personnel, and enemies of the United States, but also from the ones they were sworn to protect. Though the 9th Calvary faced racism both at home and on the battlefield, they were the peacekeepers among white and brown settlers between the Mexican and Canadian borders. Be it outlaws, renegade Indians or land hungry speculators, these warriors ensured the West could develop and strengthen the country’s infrastructure.

“As a connoisseur of African-American history, I wanted the readers to discover our role in settling the Western frontier. Many times, we see ourselves missing from famous Westerns, or our role restricted to that of a hired hand. When, in fact, Blacks were also the soldiers, cowboys, and heroes of the time.

Though, they faced opposition on all sides, they triumphantly persevered,” said Hicks. The book starts out with Howard J. Mitchell, a fictionalized character, who, being transfixed by his war hero Lt. Colonel Custer as a young boy is destined to fight with the 7th Calvary. Covering a 25-year time period following the Civil War (1866-1891), the Buffalo Soldiers were charged with fighting for the territory, enforcing law and order, as well as building forts, hanging telegraph lines between the northern and southern borders of the US.

“What I’m striving for, is a change in the way our society views Black Americans, and how we perceive ourselves. We are innovators across multiple disciplines – including the battlefield. Without question, we’ve helped build this great country, from the bottom up,” says Hicks. He also plans to take Rescue at Pine Ridge to the large and small screens. In developing the screenplay, best-described as a multi-part miniseries, industry insiders have spoken of its tremendous potential and broad range. Though still in the funding stages, it has already garnered the support of celebrated director,
Bill Duke; Emmy® Award Winning actor, Glynn Turman; actor/director James Whitmore, Jr.; and actor/author Hill Harper.

Author Erich Hicks

Yet, Hicks is no stranger to Hollywood. He is the first African-American to be issued a Special Effects, Pyrotechnic Operators’ 1st class (Masters) License. A special designation within the Motion Picture and Television industry, he is qualified to coordinate and lead action sequences, stunts and explosions.

Mentored by legendary special effects master, Richard “Dick” Albain, he has worked on a host of television and feature film projects for almost 20 years, including Swingtown, Scary Movie: 2, Malcolm in the Middle, and Married with Children.

“Dick saw my uniqueness and selected me as his apprentice, as special effects are learned through on-the-job training. It takes many years to obtain the type of experience I have,” says Hicks.

As a modern-day renaissance man, he is determined to continue using the small and large screens to reveal the untold stories of Black Americans. Currently, he is working on a motion picture documentary “Soul On A Wave” about surfers of color; soulonawave.net. Also in development is the epic story of a real life heroine, Mary Fields, “Stagecoach Mary.” This project has been developed and written for Queen Latifah.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important that we examine the contributions that African-Americans have made to our society. With every book, screenplay and project that I produce, my goal is to provide an educational revelation about who we are.”

For inquiries about Rescue at Pine Ridge, please visit http://www.rescueatpineridge.com.

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