*While the source might not be the most ideal – after all, this is a man who once made a YouTube video of himself eating VaselineStephon Marbury’s points on Michael Jordan bear some underlying truth to them. Jordan, the owner, could have painted himself as the great mediator of this whole situation – Henry Clay with a jump shot. Instead, he’s apparently been one of the most divisive.

Jordan’s post-Bulls life has been as shaky as his playing career was brilliant. The Wizards comeback ended with that ugly, unforgettable image of a just-fired MJ driving away from the team. There was a very public divorce, and a vitriolic Hall of Fame induction speech.

His Bobcats stewardship (while brief) has been marked by a mediocre team and Jordan’s curious absence from public life. Think about it – when was the last time you heard or saw him, aside from those Hanes commercials where he sports that bizarre mustache?

Nowhere is this shaky leadership more damning than in the midst of this devastating lockout. Jordan could have used his influence and power to be the bridge between players and owners, acting in a way that Bob Kraft did during the NFL’s work stoppage earlier this year. That stoppage ended with the unforgettable picture of Kraft and NFL center (Jeff Saturday) hugging after the agreement was reached. Given the way Jordan and the rest of the parties have acted in this debacle, it does not seem like we’ll see a recreation of that happy moment anytime soon.