*This vitriolic backlash against the Kim Kardashian debacle has been fascinating to watch unfold. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the concept of the “tipping point” in one of his bestsellers. As he defined it, a “tipping point” was the moment in time in which something – an idea, a concept, a movement – simply changes in society.

Does this Kardashian “marriage” (if you can call it that) mark the “tipping point” for the reality show generation? One wonders if the massive public exasperation with Kardashian, and the resulting coverage of her marriage and the breakup, means that the country has finally become sick of the oversaturation of celebrity that has pervaded pop culture over the last decade.

It shows that people are done with the “reality” these shows provide.

There’s as much real content in this type of programming as there is real sugar in a bottle of Coca-Cola. Every single product and movement is pre-packaged and planned out, designed to get the greatest number of eyeballs watching and products sold. It’s the allusion that sells, and – to her credit – Kardashian, like Paris Hilton (and to a more tragic degree, Anna Nicole Smith) sold it better than anyone else.

Toying with people, though, is the quickest way to bury that image, and such a high-profile marriage that was over almost as quick as the football season played the public like a yo-yo. The anger will subside, but the truth remains – the public’s in on the act, and the act is getting old.