Pat Robertson

*It sure seems like we were due for another Pat Robertson gaffe, weren’t we? Death, taxes, Lindsay Lohan getting arrested, Pat Robertson saying something stupid … things that are absolutely, iron-clad, set in stone. It’s no wonder why this latest controversy hasn’t had the same impact –we’re just not shocked anymore.

He is a fascinating character, in all of his train-wreck glory. Robertson built up the Christian Broadcasting Network (take a look for it, we’re sure it’s on your cable system) into a behemoth. He made a little splash in the 1988 Republican presidential primaries before falling to the first President Bush. He’s become the smiling, senile-old-grandfather of the Christian right for three decades now.

But oh, boy, there are the controversies. There are so many of them, there’s an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to them. Go ahead, pick through them and choose your favorites. Mine’s a dark horse. Sure, there’s the “assassinate Hugo Chavez” controversy or the “Haiti deserved that earthquake” thing or the illicit financial ties to an African dictator – but the whole “I’ve leg-pressed 2,000 lbs. on my energy drink” one is amazing in its incredulity.

Robertson’s become a walking, blabbering joke by now, as evidenced by this “mac and cheese” comment. So, at this point, it’s probably a good idea to treat Robertson like any crazy, old, horrible grandfather. Smile, nod, and pay no attention. Don’t anger him, though. Seems like he has really extreme old-man strength.