*Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe called Detroit’s WJLB/FM 98 COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase show Friday morning (11-4-11) to promote her role as the “Safecracker” in the new comedy “Tower Heist” w/ Eddie Murphy & Ben Stiller- in theaters today.

Gabby was the only girl on the set at many time and she said all the men would be “super dudish” and always talking about “queer boy stuff” She clarified that she meant queer as in weird … with Eddie you never know!

What was it like working with Eddie Murphy?

“It was so awesome. He’s a comic G-d. He’s amazing. Everyone thinks I’m too young to remember Eddie. Everyone thinks I’m 16… actually I’m almost 50 (actually she’s 28). He’ll always be like Hakim from ‘Coming to America.’ Which is the greatest movie ever. It was really hard not to quote his movies to him like a freak.”

She went on to tell us how Eddie would always be cracking jokes on the set. He’s super funny even when he’s not trying to be.

We all know Gabby from from “Precious” – a role that she earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomimation for, and touched some many lives with. Monique won the Best Actress award for her role in the film. Gabby told us Monique was so intense on the set where she once pushed Gabby into a chair so hard that she collapsed to the floor. Monique tried to keep the scene going, but everyone was rushing to Gabby’s aide because she almost broke her back!

Although Gabby comes across as such a sweetheart, she said she would love to play a “bitchy” role.

Gabby also told us that she hates being called “Precious.” Her mother also cannot stand it, because her name “Gabourey” is African for “God is watching me.” She showed just how confident she is in her career with one sentence: “I don’t think I’ll be called Precious much longer”

HEAR the interview here.