*His risqué lyrics and playboy attitude in music videos and in the public would make you think Ginuwine would have never settled down. But the artist admitted recently that real life and industry life are two different things.

The single man wed the love of his life in 2003 and continues to thrive with his wife and children.

“That’s life,” Ginuwine told Thisis50 about the mother of his two daughters. “You find that one you love and the one you love is a great person, great mother, a great woman and you don’t want that to go because you are not granted that again in life.”
He continued: “I fell in love, I am still in love and I married her. Family and entertainment are two different things; I always felt that people who really supported me and really appreciated me as an artist, they would appreciate that I am happy. I am a great father, an okay husband. We’ve been married 7 going on 8 years. A lot of artists that get married they usually don’t stay together. I’d rather be an example of how to be than not to be.”

Life for Ginuwine hasn’t been easy the last decade or so. His father committed suicide and his mother died of cancer months later in 2000.

Since then, he’s struggled with depression, eventually turning to drugs and alcohol. It got so bad that he contemplated committing suicide.

“I been there through the drugs, I been there through the alcohol,” he says. “Back in ’99 and 2000, when my mom and dad passed, I had a horrible run with drugs. It was really just Ecstasy and Hennessy all the time, everyday. I use to take 7 pills a day. I stopped when I got saved in 2005. No one ever knew it because I kept it under wraps.”