*Even though her business is all the way out there, Gloria Govan says bring on another season of “Basketball Wives: LA.

“We definitely had our moments, and our fights, our altercations, our blowups, but I’m proud of them. There were many occasions we could have thrown blows or water… So, I’m proud of them. I think they really brought it, and I think that’s why we got offered a second season,” she told WBLS radio host, Egypt.

Govan isn’t a new face to the franchise series. She was a part of the original program “Basketball Wives,” but had the most issues. She then vowed never to return. But when she and her now former fiancé Matt Barnes were approached with the LA edition, they reconsidered.

“Matt got traded to L.A., and we came out to L.A., and we just got the opportunity,” she said about her decision to do the series. “The creators of the show said, ‘Hey, you’re out in L.A., if you get a group of girls together that we feel like would make a good show, then there you go.’”

And about her rocky relationship with Barnes, the current instability is not a problem so much, as she’s getting a little time to herself to refocus. She also mentioned that when it comes to returning to the show, Barns isn’t as much a part of the equation as he used to be.

But she also admitted that the instability is in part due to the drama going on with the NBA.

“It adds some added stress. You look at your money differently. You look at your situation a little differently: your 401K, the kids’ college fund. This is his contract year. He’s kinda going back on unsure territory,” she said. “I think that definitely had something to do with it.”