*Talk about cash money!

It looks like several brash entrepreneurs are raking in big bucks by manufacturing Herman Cain dolls — just in time for the Christmas season.

Herobuilders.com has introduced the Herman Cain doll, a muscle bound specimen dressed casually in T-shirt and jeans. You can purchase the embattled Republican candidate for $39.95.

But wait—in light of Cain’s sexual misconduct troubles, purchasers can also buy the Herman Cain “playmate”—a blond haired white chick who clings tightly to Cain’s bulging Republican pecs. The two can be purchased for the attractive price of only $69.95.

“We are very happy to add Herman Cain to the Herobuilders.com lineup,” said a company spokesman.

No word yet as to how Gloria Cain, Herman’s wife for over 40 years, feels about the cute chocolate and vanilla swirl.

The site also features action figures Hilary Clinton and Michele Bachmann.

But wait—there’s more!

A second Herman Cain doll has been posted on the Internet. Whether it’s really for sale or not is still a mystery, but get this–this doll supposedly drops pearls of wisdom such as, “Don’t’ Ask, Don’t Tell” and “Herman Cain is an equal opportunity employer.”

The box boldly states “Sexual Harassment Herb” with the catchy line, “You don’t want to know what glows in the dark!”

The box says the action figure, who is holding a tasty pizza, can be purchased for the bargain basement price of $9.95.

The box also pays homage to Cain’s chain smoking Chief of Staff Mark Block who is featured clutching a box of Marlboro’s.

Geez!–only in America!