*Since some folks consider him to be a minstrel, er, entertainer, it should as no surprise that Herman Cain is taking his act, oops, GOP presidential campaign to late night TV.

If you can’t wait to see Herman Monster do his thang on the comedy stage where he belongs, you’ll be thrilled to know he’s been booked to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tonight on ABC.

Tonight’s appearance could be just what one-time Godfathers Pizza CEO needs: A momentary respite from the sexual harassment problems that the press has been hounding him about for the past week or two.

Cain has repeatedly denied ever sexually harassing anyone and tried to return to normal campaigning Friday with a speech in Washington, D.C., about the economy.

We have the feeling that even if Kimmel doesn’t bring up the sex questions, he’s going to find a way to make Mr. can squirm and look even more foolish than he already does on his own.

Hmm, we think we’ll pop some popcorn for this one.