*Who knew there was a hierarchy in the world of basketball wives?

Well, NBA wifey Jackie Christie called herself the “First Lady of the NBA,” recently and didn’t even bat an eye.

In an interview with VH1, she broke it down, justifying her comments.

“That’s how I felt at that time, meeting all the girls and what they were there for and me trying to mentor them and what I’ve done with Doug. I’ve paid my dues, I’ve taken hits from people all over the world not understanding us, and I definitely feel like because I paid those dues, what I represent for the NBA is family, structure, stability, and that’s the way I’m looking at it. Not as ’Oh, I’m better than this person or that person.’”

Yeah she’s saying that about herself, but what are the others saying?

“Basketball Wives: LA” co-star, Gloria Govan is a bit offended by her cohort’s arrogance.

“I think that that comment is disrespectful to the real women of the NBA like Cookie Johnson and Juanita Jordan. Women whose men had been such a staple in the NBA and their wives have been around for years. Well before Doug. Don’t get me wrong, Doug was a great player, but for Jackie to refer to herself as the First Lady is silly. She may be the first ‘crazy’ lady. She definitely set the bar for overbearing wife.”