Mommy, baby & daddy?

*The controversy continues to escalate over whether 17-year-old superstar Justin Bieber fathered a love child with 20-year-old Mariah Yeater.

Bieber has vehemently denied allegations and plans to take a DNA test to prove that Yeater’s claims are false.

Yeater claims that after attending one of Bieber’s concerts, one of Bieber’s security guards asked Yeater if she would like to go back stage and meet the singer. She claims that after meeting Bieber, he led her to a bathroom at the  Staples Center in Los Angeles where they had  a 30 second tryst. Months later, Yeater later gave birth to Trystyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, who was born on July 6.

Bieber said he has never met the woman.

On a recent appearance on The Today Show, Bieber denied all charges. “I know I’m gonna be a target-but I’m never gonna be a victim,” he declared.

“I think it’s crazy because every night I’ve gone right from the stage to my car.  It’s crazy that some people want to make up false allegations,” he said.

In the meantime, friends report that Yeater previously accused two other men of being Trystyn’s father before pointing the finger at Bieber. One of the boyfriends is named “Steve” and another is John Terranova.

Court papers show that Yeater was arrested on Dec. 21, 2010 on suspicion of battery, domestic violence, injury/destroying property of another and making threatening phone calls against Terranova after an argument over her child’s paternity.

According to police documents, Yeater and Terranova got into an argument over the pregnancy.  Terranova insists that he did not get Yeater pregnant. Police were called—because Yeater allegedly broke Terranova’s car window out of rage. She later returned to work out a payment plan for the window but the two once again broke into an argument. Police were called and Yeater was charged with battery for slapping Terranova three times.

Friends say Yeater has ‘troubled’ relationships with telling the truth,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

Yeater must appear at a court date on Dec.12 in Las Vegas for misdemeanor battery for slapping Terranova.

If convicted, Yeater, who attended school in Las Vegas before withdrawing in the 10th grade in 2008, could get six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, as reported by TMZ.

The school dropout, who is seeking a paternity test and child support from Bieber, could be investigated for having sex with a minor because Bieber was 16 at the time.

According to TMZ, Yeater filed the paternity suit against the teen heartthrob in San Diego Superior Court. She gave birth to Tristyn—and she did not list a father on the birth certificate.

She said that the baby resembles Bieber because the newborn has the superstar singer’s pout, claiming that the resemblance between the singer and her son are ‘uncanny’.  “Just look at his mouth,” she recently told news reports.

Terranova told the New York Post that he feels the paternity allegations against Bieber are completely false.

“I know it’s not Justin Bieber … she just wants money.  It’s scam,” he said.

Something definitely smells rotten in Denmark.