*Lil Boosie has received an eight-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to drug smuggling charges. But now he’s fighting to maintain his innocence in a first-degree murder case.

The Louisiana rapper admitted he tried to sneak drugs into two different correctional facilities, but holds his hands up in innocence for shedding any blood.

The trial will begin, as set by Judge Mike Erwin, on April 30, 2012. He’s being accused of ordering two men to kill Terry Boyd, a 35-year-old Baton Rouge resident.

But the murders don’t end there. Since he’s been locked up, police have linked him to several other killings, including the death of rapper Chris “Nussie” Jackson.

In other Boosie news, he’s admitting he’s a hardcore drug addict … and now that he’s been sentenced, he wants to focus on kicking the habit.

In a statement to TMZ, the incarcerated rapper said:

“Don’t worry about me I am getting help with my drug addiction and I am accepting full responsibility for the choice I made.”