*The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate say they are “disgusted” by MSNBC’s decision to air Dr. Conrad Murray’s documentary just four days after the physician was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and are calling on the network to cancel plans to air the program.

Murray went straight to jail following his conviction Monday. A Los Angeles jury found him guilty of administering the fatal dose of propofol that cost the King of Pop his life in 2009.

As previously reported, Murray tells his side of the story in the upcoming documentary “Michael Jackson and the Doctor,” which features interviews Murray filmed in 2009 and behind the scenes footage of his defense team during the trial.

The film will air Friday on MSNBC, and Jackson’s estate is not happy.

“Like so many of Michael’s fans, the Estate is also disgusted by MSNBC’s irresponsible and inexplicable decision to air a Conrad Murray ‘documentary,’ read a statement issued by the estate. “The co-executors, John Branca and John McClain, are sending a letter to the top executives at Comcast, NBC Universal and MSNBC to express their disdain for their actions.”

In other news about the documentary, a cardiology equipment company has filed a lawsuit against MSNBC and others, claiming the network should pay off a debt Dr. Conrad Murray owes them before the doctor gets one penny for his participation in the documentary.

Digirad Imaging Solutions is a California company that obtained a $147,075 judgment against Murray because he didn’t pay his bills, according to TMZ.

Digirad claims MSNBC, Zodiak Media Group — the producer of the documentary — and others might be paying Murray for the documentary, and Digirad wants its cut from the defendants before they pay the doc.

Digirad is asking for an order forcing MSNBC and the rest to pay the judgment.