*Good grief. Another report has surfaced that shows how corrupt Kwame Kilpatrick was as mayor of Detroit.

The Detroit News says Kilpatrick and members of his so-called criminal enterprise threatened witnesses with violence, pocketed a $10,000 kickback in a restaurant bathroom and withheld city funds from firms that wouldn’t pay to play,

The explosive new allegations were unveiled Wednesday.

The allegations were included in an updated racketeering conspiracy indictment against Kilpatrick and three others, including his friend and city contractor, Bobby Ferguson.

Prosecutors added seven money-laundering counts and an allegation of witness tampering against Ferguson on Wednesday, even as the FBI was raiding his Detroit office.

Though prosecutors made several new allegations against Kilpatrick, the ex-mayor does not face any additional criminal charges.

The 101-page filing provides a cinematic view of city officials and businessmen allegedly engaged in complex crimes, including money laundering and racketeering conspiracy.

“It really adds flavor and gives a complete sense of just how these folks really operated,” said Alan Gershel, former head of criminal prosecutions in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit. “That really is necessary when you’re talking about a 100-page indictment and you’re asking a jury to understand and appreciate money laundering and RICO.”

Attorneys for Kilpatrick and Ferguson did not return calls seeking comment Wednesday.

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