*According to reports, last year, R&B luminary Patti LaBelle acted like a diva when she hurled curses and a half bottle of water at a mother and her 18-month-old baby.

Now the veteran singer’s facing a lawsuit filed by Manhattan residents Kevin and Roseanna Monk, who live in the apartment building where the whole yelling match took place.

According to the couple’s lawyer, Samuel L. Davis, LaBelle chastised the mother for letting the toddle take steps away from her as she hassled with some luggage and a car seat.

After Mrs. Monk scooped up the child, she turned to the singer and told her it was none of her business.

That’s when LaBelle threw the water, hurled an insult or two, and eventually attempted to hit Monk when she responded.

No arrests were made.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been accused of violence.

Five months ago, a U.S. Military Academy cadet sued LaBelle over an incident with her bodyguards at Houston airport. According to the complaint, the cadet was allegedly attacked for no reason. But she later countersued the man, saying he was trying to get into her limousine and that he was drunk, yelling racial slurs.

Davis said Roseanna Monk had asked LaBelle for an apology and a donation to a children’s cancer charity but was rebuffed. The Monks feel “someone’s got to teach her even a diva can’t attack and frighten and assault regular people in the building,” their lawyer said.