*Chris Brown tweeted a picture of himself in a lycra, neon-green bodysuit that showed the entire outline of his penis, with the message: “I don’t think I can wear this costume tonight. Gonna change.”

The outfit was a zentai suit, which has a variety of popular uses – from fetish activity to supporting the Vancouver Canucks.

There’s no telling if it is indeed Chris Brown in the suit, or if the subject of the photo is what he suggests. But in March, Brown admitted that a leaked Internet photo of him taking an iPhone picture of his penis through a bathroom mirror was, in fact, real.

“It was an out of the shower shot,” he explained at the time. “It was like, ‘hey what’s up,’ the ‘look at me now.’ I was alone but I wasn’t even excited. It’s whatever, man. I’m comfortable with my body.”

Asked how the picture got out, he said: “Girls be reckless.”