Russell Simmons & Jay-Z

*Despite the blows for Occupy Wall Street protestors, Russell Simmons and his industry counterpart Jay Z think they can either profit from or influence the movement one way or another.

The two are talking about a concert.

“We are definitely discussing [a concert,]” Simmons told “We’re definitely looking to make a huge impact. We’re actively working for permits. We’ll have one in our hands soon.”

Simmons also defended his friend who produced the “Occupy All Streets” T-shirts that were quickly taken off the Rocawear website.

“Jay-Z didn’t make a T-shirt [that said] ‘F— the Bums on the Street,'” said Simmons. “What’s wrong with selling goodness? You should sell things you’re happy about. You should sell products that you’re inspired by, that promote lasting and stable well-being.”