*Organizers say Rihanna has been forced to cancel a show in Sweden due to exhaustion for a second time this week.

Live Nation spokesman Kristofer Akesson said the singer felt ill ahead of her concert in Stockholm on Wednesday night and that she decided in consultation with a doctor to cancel the show about an hour before she was to go on stage.

Akesson says Rihanna “is exhausted and doesn’t feel well,” but could not give more details.

The singer called off a concert in Malmo in southern Sweden on Monday, but was able to perform the following night in Stockholm.

Organizers are trying to arrange new dates for the shows.

Meanwhile, the UK tabloids say Riri’s “exhaustion” is really code for “partying too hard,” and that her doctor has told her to calm her unhealthy ways.

“Rihanna is running on empty but she’s still been going out drinking and living it up,” an insider tells UK paper The Sun. “She doesn’t have any down time where she can completely relax. She spends most of her time in the studio, on stage or in clubs.”

According to the source, doctors have been telling the singer to slow down on her fun before it takes a serious toll on her health.

“Doctors are worried she’s overdoing it,” shares the source. “She needs to take some time off. Otherwise she’ll be vulnerable to more illness.”