*President Obama had a pretty good October; first Qaddafi, now Kardashian.

The Kardashians reportedly mocked the wardrobe of the First Lady, on the heels of President Obama indicating he is not necessarily a fan of the Kardashians, TV show, or otherwise.  The sisters also reportedly accused the First Lady of trying to “keep voters on a budget” and that she secretly worships their lifestyle.

Yes, criticizing the First Lady who advocates fiscal and dietary responsibility is always  indicative of sound judgment and perspective.

Mo’Kelly needed that precursor to set up the bowling pins.  Now, to knock ’em down.

Given the news that Kim Kardashian has filed divorced from her “husband” Kris Humphries after all of 72 days of marriage, it’s time to reexamine how we came to this point.

First, the statistics:

The Kardashian wedding cost somewhere in the realm of $20 million dollars, which amortizes to approximately 277k per day of not-quite-wedded bliss.  Conversely, conservative estimates are that Kim pocketed close to $30 million haul thanks to television rights and merchandising connected to the nuptials.

Kardashian banked 10 million in profit for a sham wedding.

Good business?  Absolutely.  Personally admirable or enviable?  Absolutely not.

It is amazing how much money one can make when bereft of ethics, morals, scruples and honor.  Then again, if your first million and first appearance on camera are both connected to a sex tape, it probably gets progressively easier to look oneself in the mirror moving forward.  If you will defile yourself on camera for monetary gain on the strength of your family name, everything will always be on the table for the sake of a dollar.

Yes, Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce after 72 days.  Til death do you part?  Til death of the NBA lockout or Moammar Gadhafi would have made more sense.  Planning the wedding took more than 72 days.  Lindsay Lohan’s sentence for jewelry theft was more than 72 days.  Not by much, but still longer.  Mr. and Mrs. Humphries didn’t even make it to the end of Daylight Savings or the X Factor season finale.

Now for the not-so-rhetorical questions:

What does it say when someone spends $20 million on a wedding to impress people she didn’t know, to marry someone she didn’t even really like?

What does it say when someone pledges to spend her life with a man in August and then renege before Halloween?  Not only that, filing at the end of October likely means that Kardashian was probably considering it as early as Labor Day.

Michelle Obama…worships the Kardashian lifestyle?

All of this says that President Obama was exactly right.

Michelle Obama is married to the leader of the free world.  Kim Kardashian is divorcing  an unrestricted free agent with 5 or 6 years left in his career.  Let’s not forget, it’s her SECOND divorce.

There is a reason why it’s called the First Lady of the United States.  Emphasis on “first,” and “lady.”  Neither of which even remotely applies to anything in the Kardashian world.  According to Ray J…Kim wasn’t even his first sex tape.

Michelle Obama is married to a former president of the Harvard Law Review.  The HLR boasts 7 members who have served on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Khloe Kardashian is married to…well…Lamar Odom, the first player off the Lakers’ bench and boasts 2 semesters of education from the University of Rhode Island.  And youngest sister Kourtney recently became a first-time babymama.

Groupies between the age of 18 and 30 might be impressed, but the other 332 million U.S. residents are not.

Michelle Obama’s man picks her up in Air Force One. Now that’s gangsta.

Yes, Michelle Obama just LONGS to live Kardashian lifestyle and have her daughters emulate each of them.

Michelle Obama just celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary.  Comparatively, mom Kris Jenner recently celebrated her 19th plastic surgery (as did husband Bruce).

Michelle Obama began her professional career as an Ivy league-educated attorney, making oral arguments and filing briefs in the courtroom regarding intellectual property rights.  Conversely, Kim Kardashian began her professional “career” with a high school diploma, performing “oral” in her drawers in Ray-J’s bedroom.

Of course, Michelle Obama envies the lifestyle of Kim Kardashian and her two equally untalented sisters (wink, wink).

As my fellow Hoya Lisa Copeland says, the Kardashian career has been a hugely successful “sex tape ponzi scheme.”  Props to President Obama for seeing fit not to invest in it.  Yes, it matters that the President of the United States, father of two daughters has sense enough to dissuade them from being influenced by any and all things Kardashian.  It’s the difference between following in the footsteps of Michelle Obama, or Montana Fishburne.

Of course Kim Kardashian thinks she is the envy of every female.  Most 13 year-olds tend to think along those lines.

It’s little different than the Birther mentality of Donald Trump, who also confused wealth and excess with social relevancy and import.  Wealth will never excuse stupidity, only amplify it.  The last Kardashian who mattered died 8 years ago.  No amount of reality TV “success” will ever change this fact.

Michelle Obama has everything Kim Kardashian wants and will never have.  You can’t buy it or fake it.  You can’t pick it out of a magazine or hire a wedding planner to spend 20 million to trick us into believing you have it.  It’s not connected to the number of Twitter followers you have or the team name in which a boyfriend competes.  It can’t be given to you by any gift Tyler Perry movie role or any store opening in Las Vegas.

It’s called good sense, self-respect and honor.  None of them is for sale.  It’s what differentiates the women passed around by professional athletes and entertainers from the ones who set the correct example for young women, irrespective of color.

The divorce of Kim Kardashian is not relevant in a news sense, but it is a fitting moment to remind one-another of what it truly means to be a lady, “first” or otherwise.

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