*His clumsy handling of the unfolding sexual harassment scandal proves that Herman Cain does not have the intelligent judgment necessary to be President of the United States.

If Herman Cain was a bit smarter and little less arrogant he would’ve anticipated this crisis and prepared for it.  He’s always known about the sexual harassment complaints made against him when he was president of the National Restaurant Association, so at some point over the last 12 years Cain should have drawn up an action plan for how to explain himself when the news came out.

Politico.com approached Cain for a comment 10 days before going to press with the harassment revelations. Like any responsible, objective journalistic organization, Politico wanted to include Cain’s perspective in its original story.  And 10 days was more than enough time for Cain to huddle with his advisors and decide on a consistent narrative to answer the allegations.  That would have been the smart move.  But smart moves aren’t exactly Herman Cain’s specialty.

Instead of getting ahead of the scandal by explaining himself up front, Cain blew Politico off.  And then, after the story broke, Cain made himself look inept and dishonest by first evading, then denying then finally admitting that he had been accused of sexually harassing a female NRA staffer and yes he did know that the NRA cut the staffer a check in exchange for her silence.

For a retired CEO, Herman Cain has demonstrated remarkably poor crisis management skills in this matter.  But we shouldn’t be surprised.  Cain established his reputation as a bumbler long before Politico.com brought this old sexual harassment case to light. Look at the record:

  • Cain said that if you’re unemployed that it’s your own fault.
  • Cain stubbornly claims that his 999 tax plan will be a boon for the American people, even though the nation’s leading economists agree that 999 will raise income taxes on the middle class and the poor, impose larger sales taxes while lowering income tax rates for the rich.
  • Cain shocked Fox News host John Stossel by saying that abortion should be illegal, but that women and families should make the decision.
  • Cain inaccurately claimed that Planned Parenthood built 75% of its facilities in black neighborhoods and is trying to commit African-American genocide by promoting abortion.
  • Cain declared in multiple speeches and in his memoir that the federal government should combat illegal immigration by building a 20-foot-high electrified fence – then, he claimed he was just kidding.
  • Cain has said repeatedly that he doesn’t have enough information to announce a plan for Afghanistan.
  • He ignorantly dismissed the strategically important nation of Uzbekistan as a “small, insignificant state.”
  • Can said he’d swap terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay for hostage US service members.

Herman Cain’s bumbling of this sexual harassment scandal is just the latest in a series of events that highlight Cain’s poor judgment, casual relationship with the facts and ignorance of the issues.  Such qualities would be disastrous for a President of the United States.

Thanks for listening.  I’m Cameron Turner and that’s my two cents.