*Now that the trial is over, a broadcast interview of Dr. Conrad Murray revealed on Thursday that he believes the singer and his former employer lied to him about his medical history, never sharing that he had an addiction.

“I would hate to put blame on Michael as an individual,” Dr. Conrad Murray told the ‘Today’ show in the interview done days before the doctor’s conviction.

“I only wish maybe in our dealings with each other he would have been more forthcoming and honest to tell me these things about himself,” he said.

Interviewer Savannah Guthrie asked: “Do you think he lied to you?”

“Definitely,” Murray said.

“About what?” she asked.

“Certainly he was deceptive by not showing me his whole medical history,
doctors he was seeing, treatments that he might have been receiving.” Murray

He continued saying that he didn’t know Jackson was addicted to the highly dangerous drug, propofol. Murray also admitted he wasn’t the one who introduced the Pop star to the drug.

He then later described Jackson as “a desperate man, desperate” in his final hours.

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