*The Democratic National Committee is going in on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney with a new ad (and 4 min. director’s cut) that uses Hollywood –style production and quotes from famous TV personalities to point out how inconsistent the politician has been throughout his career.

The 30-second version is running in six swing states that are key to President Obama’s hope of winning a second term. Republicans have yet to choose their nominee, but it’s clear that Democrats believe Romney will be their opponent next November.  The ad directs viewers to a DNC website (mittvmitt.com) that contains many more examples of what they call Romney’s flips-flops on everything from immigration to the auto bailout.

Below is the 30-second spot “Mitt versus Mitt,” done in the style of a movie trailer. The ad contains clips of Romney contradicting himself, once pro-abortion rights, now favoring overturning Roe versus Wade. Once a supporter of health care exchanges, crucial to health care reform, now promising to repeal what he calls Obamacare.

The 4-minute director’s cut, seen below, asks “Who is this guy? Can you trust him?” and uses everyone from Jay Leno to Fox News’ Brit Hume to make the point about Romney’s perceived flip floppery — from health care to abortion to immigration.

Hume: “You’re only allowed a certain number of flips before people begin to doubt your character.”

Conan O’Brien: “Experts are predicting a tough fight between Romney and his toughest ideological opponent — Mitt Romney from four years ago. Those guys don’t agree on anything.”

The coup de grace, Ronald Reagan saying “there you go again.”

Watch below.