*Jennifer Hudson and her man David Otunga are still together, despite what the tabloids may say. According to the singer, they never broke up.

“We’re going to get married, and I know they said we had broken up. We’ve never broken up. We’re like, ‘Where did that come from?’ We’re still here,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

Maybe it’s the really long engagement they’ve got going on that has people wondering about their relationship, giving room to generate dramatic stories about the couple’s lives.

She suggested that maybe because the two are constantly apart in public view, people began to speculate they weren’t in each other’s lives anymore. But she blames their busy schedules on the separation.

Hudson, who swears the two are getting married, actually flipped the script in a nice way and gave all those single ladies out there (which she is technically one of until those vows are said) some advice about looking for the right man.

“Date in your hometown ’cause David and I are from Chicago. So, that’s our trick… common interests, similar backgrounds and a familiarness,” she said.