*These days, single Black women are looking in all neighborhoods for a man.

Ladies are getting on the band wagon of women who have decided to divorce the idea of sticking by a Black man’s side and exploring the land of the other colored men.

Toni Braxton is right there along with them.

The singer and reality television star told Anderson Cooper on the new syndicated show “Anderson” that she’s trying something different and is now onto dating White men.

“I’m beginning to play in the snow a bit,” Toni admitted. “I’ve never played in the snow before.”

Anderson, who was unfamiliar with the terminology, needed the lingo broken down for him. “Oh, he’s Caucasian,” Toni explained.

“This is a lovely snow flake,” she said. “Every snow flake is different, so it’s ok. It’s nice.”

Braxton went on to tell Cooper about a time when she sought revenge on an ex, a topic he’d discussed in another segment of the show.

“I remember in the past, in college, I was a little revengeful,” she said. “I wasn’t a stalker though…Back then the Internet wasn’t as popular…A girlfriend of mine keyed this guy’s car…for me,” she explained. Braxton says she fessed up about the incident and offered to pay then-boyfriend for the damage.