Trina and Toeanda Braxton

*Rumor has it that the singer is leaving the family reality show “Braxton Family Values,” but sister Towanda denies any of the claims.

“Where’s that [rumor] coming from?” she  asked when the question was posed by Angela Yee of New York’s Power 105.1.

“Toni is in every episode of the show,” Towanda assured.

So now that’s out the way, the next question should be, “Do the sister’s need a break from TV?”

It looks like the ladies are having a hard time in the love department of life, despite their success in the industry.

Towanda is eyeing divorce from her unemployed husband Andre Carter, with whom she’s in an open relationship.

“I’m just trying to get it together. I’m a mess,” admitted Towanda. “An open relationship, for me, is when I don’t ask, and he don’t tell,” she explained.

It’s gotten so bad that the two don’t even sleep in the same bed.

“It’s been years since we actually did that,” Towanda said, referring to sex. For her physical satisfaction, she said she uses toys.

And for sister Trina, her marriage is going through hell as well.

Her husband, Gabe Solis, is paranoid and wants to know where she’s at and whom she’s with and who she is talking to at all times.

“My husband put a phone tracker on my cell phone where he could check all my text messages and he could put a GPS system on there…. He has his own personal issues. He doesn’t trust himself, therefore, he doesn’t trust me,” said Trina, adding, “I should have had him arrested.”

Solis has admitted in the past to being unfaithful, but Trina isn’t ready to give up yet.

But the other married ladies are doing just fine with their husbands. However, Toni remains divorced.