*Straight up, “Basketball Wives: LA” star Draya Michele, is being called a ho.

Supposedly she’s dated over a dozen basketball players and has slept with three in one night.

But in an interview with Wendy Williams, she denies the rumors and says she’s not what others think she is.

“I would have millions by now if I were doing crazy, wild stuff like that,” Draya told Williams. “The three basketball players …  I haven’t even been with three basketball players in one month, let alone day. I like to space them out a little bit.”

Now she’s not denying that she’s gotten around, but Wendy had to ask if the reality show girl has any issues with men taking her seriously.

“Anything you do in your past can be cleaned up,” said Draya, who said it’s been more than three years since she’s dated a basketball player.

That’s not an answer.

Keeping it really real, Wendy asked about the child endangerment allegations brought up against her. But of course Draya avoided the conversation altogether.

“I discussed it in 2010. I discussed it on the show, and it’s just like, I just want to move on with my life and show the people that I’m not this person that they created me out to be,” she said.

And as far as her nine month relationship with Chris Brown, she said first of all she dated him after his relationship with Rihanna ended. Second, he was never violent toward her.

Watch the interview: