*Don’t do it son. Don’t do it!

Everybody knows, in and out of the industry, not to make deals with Suge Knight, for whatever reasons. It’s like an unspoken rule. It’s like riding in the enemy’s hood with no protection. The only guarantee anyone has when working with Suge is trouble.

But young rapper Waka Flocka Flame thinks different. After announcing a business partnership with the controversial co-founder of Death Row Records, just about everyone and their mamas went into shock and probably said a prayer for the boy.

In a recent interview with hiphopnews24-7.com, the rapper explained the unusual union.

“Suge is just here because I grab game from Suge,” Waka said, referring to Knight’s experience in the record industry. “He’s shown me his mistakes, he’s tellin’ me his mistakes. He told me the mistakes he made so I don’t make the same mistakes.”

Besides, Flame believes the West Coast music industry gangster can help him strengthen his influence on the sunny side of the States.

“I’m looking forward to that,” he replied. “I wasn’t looking [at it] like, ‘I got Suge, I got the West Coast.’ … I wasn’t looking at it like that, but it comes with it.”