angela bassett

Angela Bassett

*Though Casey Anthony and Angela Bassett are known to the general public for very different reasons, they do share an acquaintance. Former prosecutor Jeff Ashton went to high school with the veteran Hollywood actress. Ashton, who was part of the prosecution team responsible for proving Casey Anthony guilty in the biggest media trial in recent memory, reflects upon his high school friend whose role as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It among others is still talked about today. Attorney Ashton and Ms. Bassett acted in a play together in high school. He tells Chris Yandek of during a very lengthy interview about his memories of the Golden Globe winner:

“I don’t recall what it was we were in. I was a senior. She was a junior. I just recall her as a friend being a very, very nice person. She was a cheerleader, you know homecoming court. One of those people that everybody wanted to be around. But just being very unassuming, very nice. And when I started, she went off to Yale after college I knew that she would be successful. But every time I see her on TV or in the movies or on stage, I’m just proud. You know she’s just – ‘cause she came from very, very modest surroundings. I think she was raised by a single mom in a not great part of St. Petersburg [Florida]. So you know she really is a credit to the fact that with the right support you can overcome anything, but yeah, every time I see her I just smile.”

jeff ashton

Jeff Ashton

As far as what the future holds for Casey Anthony, Attorney Ashton said this:

“I think Casey’s probably bigger danger in her life is ending up on the wrong side of someone that she’s lied to. I think that would be, if I wanted  to guess on how she’s gonna end up, it would be that she’s gonna lie to somebody and they’re not gonna take it very well and they’re not gonna go to the police. But yeah it’s hard to predict what will happen with someone else. I mean, really I can say for sure about Casey is that Casey will continue to lie to people. That’s the thing I’m sure about.”

For everyone who was not happy with the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial, former prosecutor Ashton has this message for them:

“For a lot of people I think Caylee became personal. And that’s a real tribute to the memory of that little girl, but there’s a point where you have to say, well let’s step back from this. The system operated in a certain way, we don’t agree with it, but it’s time to just accept it and move on to find ways you know to protect the next Caylee.”

casey anthony

Casey Anthony

Attorney Ashton gets into much greater detail about everything from the Casey Anthony trial and his recently released book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony with Chris Yandek at

In 2008 Chris Yandek profiled Angela Bassett in an interview to remember a day after receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can see that flashback interview here.