jennifer williams & evelyn evelyn

Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada

*Here’s a big surprise: There was an altercation on the set of “Basketball Wives.”

While producer and reality star Shaunie O’Neal had a late birthday celebration in Miami over the weekend, there was some weave pulling between Jennifer Williams and her now former bestie Evelyn Lozada.

Witnesses say the pair got into a pretty intense verbal argument. And you already know how those go with hot tempered Lozada. Supposedly the soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco bopped her friend over the head with a clutch purse. Some harsh words were exchanged and before they could get rolling on the ground, the ladies were separated, so reports The Insider.

According to sources, VH1 cameras were rolling the whole time. A co0incidence, we’re sure.

Then on Dec. 10th, Shaunie and Tami Roman tweeted to each other about the party being “interesting and epic.”

Perhaps this is just the culmination of their disastrous friendship that slowly fell apart in front of a national audience. After Jen’s divorce, losing the respect for friends, and Eve getting a new man, the two have not been the same.

The new season of drama filled “Basketball Wives” debuts in February, 2012. We know, you can’t wait, can you?