*Lawsuits always get ugly when they’re between family members.

A family feud has flared up between the widow and nine children of Bob Marley, who is suing a half brother demanding him to stop the use of the family name to promote an annual Miami music festival and profit from his other businesses in Jamaica.

The half brother of Bob Marley, Richard Booker, and several affiliated companies are violating copyright and trademark laws by using the family name, photos, lyrics and symbols and other intellectual property without permission.

The lawsuit claims people could be deceived into believing the Marleys are affiliated with the operations of both the companies and the festival.

One of the companies include the Bob Marley Movement of Jah People Inc., which promotes the music festival, and a restaurant in Jamaica called Mama Marleys.

According to the festival’s website, the event grew from a Bob Marley fan club back in 1981.

The lawsuit, according to The AP,  says that Rita Marley and her children have long opposed Booker’s attempts to trademark Marley-related business names and that at one point they reached a licensing deal, but Booker reneged on the deal.