Pastors and community supportors protest

*The Christian Post reports that days after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a Bronx church’s plea for after-hours school space, church leaders continue their fight to overturn New York City schools’ ban on church services in public school buildings.

Over 100 local pastors and allied legislators took to City Hall Thursday around noon to urge the city council to allow churches to worship in city schools after official school hours. The rally follows a failed attempt to petition the Supreme Court to hear a lawsuit against the Board of Education’s policy on behalf of the Bronx Household of Faith.

The high court decided Monday not to accept the case, meaning that the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals’ June decision to uphold the board’s policy against religious activity in public school facilities stands. It also means that BHF church will no longer be able to conduct its worship meetings in the school auditorium it has used since 2002.

That should have been the end of the 16-year battle. But for church leaders, it is instead the beginning of a new legislative push aimed at overturning the school board’s policy.

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